Imagining a personal finance app


As part of a mini hackathon event that took place over 24 hours, I grouped up with two other members of the design team to create our vision of a finance and budgeting app.

Made at

Bankrate (2020)

Other creative credits

Ricky Carlton (designer)
Ryan Freeze (designer)


Visual designer
UX designer

7 phones showing different screens of a personal finance app

Project goals

Create a delightful personal finance and budgeting app that we would want to use ourselves, that also leveraged Bankrate’s unique marketplace and ecosystem.

The process

Since this was entirely conceptual, we had zero product or business restrictions, and simply just had a ton of fun brainstorming and creating this one.

Everything starts with competitive analysis. All three of us used personal budgeting apps or were familiar with those that were available at the time.

We gathered both visual and feature inspiration, and established what would set us apart from our competitors’ app offerings.

Working in Figma, we split off to tackle different parts. After establishing the overall IA of the app, my focus was on the overall UI design, budgeting, and dashboard sections.

3 phone screens showing a dashboard view in the middle, then account and budget views on either side.

Dashboard widgets

These were designed for quick at-a-glance takeaways, where you could tap to see more.

Ideally, the dashboard would be customizable with the widgets that are most important to you, in the order that you want to see them. 

This was done very close to when widgets for iOS were introduced, so a few of them were also on our prototype's home screen.

A collage of widgets showing budget, spending, net worth, and more.


Due to confidentiality and the possibility that this may be created in the future, I have to leave out some of the more unique aspects and details. But, we got a very warm reception to this! 

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